Electrical Cables and Crimps

Are you looking for high quality electrical cables, TPS, Or Building wire?

We are a leading supplier of Electrical Cables, terminals and crimps in Australia.

Whether you are looking for TPS, Twin and Earth, Air-conditioning interconnect or Coaxial, we’ve got you covered.

We stock a range of TPS including 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 4 mm and 6mm.

Our products are made with care using only the finest materials to ensure they meet your needs.

Whether you’re working on a project at home or in an industrial setting, we have everything you need to get it done right.

You can trust our products because we put them through rigorous testing before selling them to customers like yourself.

When you buy from us, you know that your order will arrive quickly and be exactly what you ordered every time!

Don’t Delay Buy Today!

Electrical cables and crimps are a critical part of your electrical systems.

They can be dangerous if not installed correctly, which is why it’s important to buy the right ones.

If you’re going to install or repair an electrical system then you need to know what type of cable and connectors you should use in different situations.

You also need to have the correct tools and licensed professional for installing them properly, otherwise, they won’t work.

Our electrical supplies store has all of the parts that you will ever need for any job involving electricity so that you can do it safely and correctly every time without wasting money on unnecessary materials or equipment.

We sell everything from light switches, outlet covers, junction boxes and more at affordable prices with fast shipping available across Australia and worldwide!

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